Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Told Me

Yesterday was one of "those" mommy-days. You know--desperately desiring to rightly respond with love to these precious priorities while battling frustration over the menial tasks on that never-ending to-do list. By the end, we are all whiny and unfocused.

As I stood in the cluttered kitchen preparing dinner--while internally divulging my seeming failures to our gracious Father--my daughter spoke, and I am certain it was a word from the Lord. She said, "Mommy, God is bigger than anything. Did you know that I wouldn't know that unless you had told me?" A word from my Lord. I paused in amazement.

That's the point. That's it--guide these little ones to their Maker, lead them to His throne of grace, that they eventually would see Him rightly and respond in humble worship. Teach my kids that He is bigger than anything. But you know, it goes deeper. It comes down to the moments.

If I truly believe He is bigger than anything, then in the moments of my day I will not be led by fear, discord, or irritation. I will reflect a life of faith, love, joy, and POWER. Oh, He is so patient with me. He is so faithful to transform me--if I will let Him.

How will they know unless we teach them with our words and with our moments? So what if the laundry stays folded in the basket for 5 days. At least it's clean.

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