Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Full and Fiery

I am so "full" I can hardly contain myself. (shouting Hallelujah!) No, I didn't win a new car or find a check for thousands of dollars written just for me. I am just so full of the ways and truth of God I can hardly sit still.

The women's ministry at my church is in the midst of the "Believing God" series by Beth Moore and all I can say is she "preached it" this morning. (Hands raised!) And His Spirit has been so stirred within me to the point that I sound...crazy. But I don't care.

The word was such a confirmation of something that has been trying to find its way out in me--if that makes any sense. Friend, we have got to guard our mouths. What we say we will believe! If we are speaking things that are contrary to God's will for our lives--contrary to what God has for His children--then our lives will dwell in the land of defeat. Mark it down.

But our faithful Father has more for His children. He has victory for His sons and victory for His daughters. He has peace and joy and power for those who believe and for those who declare His truths with their mouths.

I don't know where you are today in this season of your life, but if you are His child then defeat is not your destiny. You believe His promises and then speak them out loud. Mountains will move, friend.

Oh people, I am not sure if you can sense my passion at this moment but God has victory for you regardless of your circumstance. Don't believe anything else.

Praise Him. Oh, praise Him.

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kelly said...

Honey, your passion is contagious!!!! Now you've got me fired up!!! And I was already fired up to begin with!!! I have officially reached the point as Beth Moore says of being "eaten up" with this. Every day is an adventure - a roller coaster ride - and nothing is more thrilling than watching God work through us to reach others - through our mouths - through His word - through our hands - through our music and our feet. And how sad that so many see the Christian walk as a heavy one with feet bound in chains. There is no earthly sorrow that can outshine Him. Sometimes the cloud blocks our view - but then when the cloud moves, He's even more brilliant than before. Imagine the day when He will be ALL we see - forever!

lara said...

YOU preach it, girlfriend. Amen and amen.

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