Saturday, February 6, 2010

Set Free

This whole big thing, it's not all about
My 401K or the quickest route,
The newest line from Calvin Klein,
Or whether my name causes others to pine.

No amount of money in all my accounts,
No man--this heart has too many founts--
No car, or desk, or laptop, or phone,
No nothing created can lead our feet home,

Only the hands that lifted the clay
and molded and shaped, 'til that fateful day
When new life He breathed into this fragile soul--
His strength, His love, His ways were made known.

In Him alone my depths drop the reigns.
He lavishes His child with immeasurable gains.
"Abundance I give," He whispers--wise, firm--
"Follow Me. Trust Me. Believe what you've learned."

This whole big thing, life-in-color is found,
Alone in the One who in grace freed the bound.

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