Friday, February 5, 2010

All Fear Aside

I am going to say something radical, but something I believe to be scripturally true. All of our places of frustration or anxiety would be obliterated if we would raise our view of God. To say anything less reduces Him to something He thankfully is not.

Ask yourself, "what brings me anxiety?" Is it a diagnosis, or a relationship, or an outcome, or a possible disaster? Then hold that anxious place up next to the character of God. Who is He? He is reigning perfectly over the happenings of His children. He will not allow anything into the lives of His own that is not for His glory and our ultimate good. Nothing. He loves with an everlasting love and will never leave or forsake.

The truth is that those anxious places are not built on the foundation of God's true character, they are built on our view from below.

When we first got married I battled fear of being alone at night--my husband's job regularly calls him away. I remember checking under every bed and in every closet every single evening once darkness settled. One particular night, while washing my face with my eyes squinted, all of the power in our house went out--everything. And there wasn't a storm. My heart about jumped out of my chest as a million thoughts raced through my fearful mind.

So I did the only thing I knew to do. I raised my hands and screamed at the top of my lungs, "JEEEESUUUUUS!" As His name left my lips, the power was restored. With hands shaking I called a dear friend who lived nearby to come over and pray with me--and spend the night. It was from there that God began shedding this crazy fear.

As I started believing His revelation about Himself from His Word--raising my view of this awesome, relevant, beautiful God--the fear subsided. And I began to rest. Within a few months I received a phone call from someone trying to sell alarm systems and I told the poor woman, "Thank you, but God is my alarm system." She didn't have a response to that one written in her book.

I know that this is a menial example next to some of the fears we are tempted to believe in this life. But here's the point: God is bigger. Whatever anxious place you hold, He is greater. Get into His Word and believe what He says about Himself.

I love something I recently read by Beth Moore. She says, "What would we believe Christ Jesus could do if all we had was a New Testament?" He is faithful and His character never changes. I dare you to believe.

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Anonymous said...

This is another good one! Thank you!

lara said...

Thank you, "Anonymous."

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