Thursday, February 18, 2010

Veil Lifted

Darkness veils like a heavy blanket on a frigid night.
Thinking we see, though blind and desperate for reality.
Bound and numb--hands feeling around for life, for truth, for freedom.
The weight unbearable, questionable, and frantic.

Until He grabs the edge. He lifts the tattered covering. And Light creeps in.
Our eyes squint and our heart sinks--foreign, uncertain, unknown in the dark.
He calls our name, we gasp and wait...
Until His hand envelopes our own--like a Father to His child.

We stand where we once wallowed. Slowly our feet begin to follow His own,
into this glorious, marvelous, encompassing Light.
We breathe deep--new life. We jump unhindered and dance with joy.
We see, we love, we are overwhelmed, we bow--and then proclaim.

You alone are God. You alone give life. You alone are worthy. I am awed.

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