Friday, February 19, 2010

I Call Him Brother

When my marriage went through "reconstructive surgery," God challenged me with a fresh mindset towards my man. Truthfully, the mark of "wife" carries with it the temptation to demand our rights. I would read certain passages written to husbands and insist upon them as claims for my emotionally schizophrenic heart. And it only left him with a sense of insufficiency--rightly so.

During our healing the Lord granted me a new perspective--one that has brought so much freedom in our home. He called me to view my man--first and foremost--as my brother in the Lord. And as my brother, how can I build him up rather than tear him down with endless "to-dos"?

Throughout scripture we are taught how to love the brotherhood--selflessly, sacrificially, unto death. But when it comes to marriage I (we) tend to nail our individual rights to the door and ruthlessly demand their fulfillment. That is not His way.

When we release our spouse to live before their God--allowing Him to move and prompt and reveal--it empowers us to love, free of chains. Then we breathe. The pressure melts as our faith is placed back on the Lover of our souls rather than on this other human walking shoulder to shoulder in this crazy journey. Freedom.

I am very aware of the struggles within marriage--complicated, messy, multi-dimensional struggles. But the way of our Lord is love without strings. It is an irresistible, healing love--one that pierces the hardness. May we set our gaze upon Him--moment by moment--and allow our own brokenness to be affected. He will then spill forth onto those closest to us.

He is worthy.

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tricia ling said...

How awesome lara! I have knew heard it put quite like that, but so true. The christian walk is all about dying to self and that does include our marriages.
thank you for your godly wisdom and insight!
bless you ~Tricia

lara said...

My thoughts on marriage were so very skewed for far too long. God has graciously broken my mindset and replaced it with life. Thanks for your encouragement. He is amazingly good.
Miss seeing you!

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