Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Morning Madness

School mornings prove to be my breaking point. Getting myself and three young people ready to walk out the door by 7:45 a.m. dressed, fed, and with just a little bit of joy can push me to my limit.

For example, my precious first born is my artist; but with this creative side comes a tendency to be distracted. I often find her standing in front of the mirror leisurely singing a song she has just made up about brushing her teeth, while in the background I am running around the house like a mad-woman. "Baby, let's keep it movin'," I'll say in the kindest southern tone I can muster with a clinched jaw, trying not to squelch her gifts.

Meanwhile my youngest may be arguing with his brother over firetrucks while screaming "NO!" in the most ear-piercing tone ever created, or possibly spilling his milky cereal all over the already crumby, kitchen floor, or pulling out every DVD and then scraping them on the brick hearth--all while having a messy diaper.

So I recently asked the Lord to show me some ways I can prepare more effectively for the morning chaos...I mean routine. And He faithfully answered. He faithfully impressed some things upon me that I can practically do to help me move more victoriously from my morning quiet with Him to loading all of us into the Bling.

One would think that I would simply obey.

This morning was one of those mornings that I hadn't followed His words of wisdom--and we were almost all in tears by the time the tires pulled out of the driveway. So I started mumbling to Him, "God, what happened?! Why is it like this?!" He so gently reminded me of His words. You know. The ones I had neglected to follow.

But here's the thing. When God instructs His child toward something, He does it out of love. It isn't that He is mean or a party crasher or out to ruin all the fun. He guides us because He loves us. If we will simply obey His promptings in the small things, then the life of abundance in our moments will wash over us like springs of fresh water--even on school mornings.

It sounds so churchy and simple, but He really is for His child. He wants us to be blessed. And the place of most blessing is in the shadow of His wings--in the covering of His wisdom.

Thank you Lord for your guidance and your ever-reaching grace.

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collegemommy said...

Thank you for your transparency. I was wondering if you are going to share in another post the things God told you so that your morning might go a bit more smoothly. I need all the help I can get.

Erin said...

Yes, I am another reader who would LOVE to hear your tips for a smooth morning!!

lara said...

OK girls. I am working on a follow-up post. :)

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