Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No Other Love

Our culture emphatically insists that love is a feeling—it can be here today and gone tomorrow, just sign on the dotted line. It rides the waves and gets out of the boat at the first signs of discomfort. But what if love was so much more—so much more complex and steadfast?

Let’s be honest. Most of our “dating” records left much to be desired. We based our pursuits on looks and butterflies and what we could get from the deal. Our hearts were broken; our reputations were (possibly) tainted; and our pillows were wet with tears. But what if love was so much more—so much more sacrificial and unconditional?

If God’s love is true love, then maybe we should consider allowing it to invade our understanding, and even our momentary choices. God’s love does not fade when I am having a bad day. His love pursues those who reject, pierces those who defy, and upholds the weary. It is timeless and eternal—never to be separated from His own. It stays. It chooses. It begs to differ. This is the love we are empowered to give. This is the love that fulfills and frees.

Thank you, Lord.

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