Friday, April 9, 2010

For Our Next Act

If you come into our home for any length of time--by any length of time I mean more than approximately 12 minutes--then you are probably going to be asked to watch a show. My kids love to dress up and perform, with my daughter leading the pack.

It is almost a daily occurrence for her to pillage through her bin o' sequins and come downstairs decked out from head to toe. Her brothers now follow suit--at times with high heels and tiaras worn proud. They set up the playroom with chairs and lights--I have said "no" to the fog machine--and invite all willing participants to be their audience. And yes we have it videotaped for future enjoyment.

Watching is both absolutely precious with a hint of painful as she expresses herself through dance--oh dear, did I teach her that move?! Her brother imitates her every gyration--facial expressions and all--while the audience cheers for more. Priceless.

I just didn't want to forget.

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TV STiNKS said...

I totally LOVE that picture. Too cute!!!

Debby Webb

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