Monday, April 12, 2010

Stacked Odds

"It may be that the Lord will work for us. For nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few."--the words of Jonathan found in 1 Samuel 14:6b.

Jonathan believed God. He knew that the God of the universe was able. He was willing to go and fight the enemy, not with a great army of men behind him, rather alone with just his armor bearer at his side.

I love that.

The odds didn't sway him. The seeming irrationality didn't lead him. Statistics were irrelevant. His eyes were set on the God able to save by many or by few.

And though it may sound impulsive at first glance, he wasn't walking foolish. After taking those first steps of faith, Jonathan and his armor bearer reached the edge of enemy camp, and he sought the Lord's will. And his God confirmed the victory--fueling the fire in Jonathan's soul.

The God of all eternity showed up. He responded to the faith of his child--one who believed that He indeed was able, regardless of how things may appear to the physical eye. In fact the Lord confused the enemy so that they began fighting one another. (1 Samuel 14:20)

This kind of thing is not just an ancient story to be set aside with a quick, "how special" comment. This is revelation of the character of our most-high God. And it encourages me.

I desire my life to shout declarations of faith--that regardless of how things may look, my God is able. I want to run forth in belief, ready to charge when He gives the word. The seeming odds are irrelevant with God behind the wheel. Nothing is impossible for Him. He is God. If He said it then it will come to pass.

He is worthy of our belief.

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Katherine Hawkins said...

Hey Lara! My name is Katherine Hawkins. My mom is Lee Ramsey. She showed me your blog and I loved reading your insightful and beautifully written posts! I read that same passage about Jonathan in samuel this morning and just love reading the ways God showed his power in the old testament against crazy odds. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

lara said...

Hi Katherine. It is great hearing from you. I absolutely love your mom. Congratulations on the move! Very exciting. And thanks for the encouragement. :)

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