Thursday, April 15, 2010

Invasion of the Scars

A moment of bitter reflection hit my heart like a freight train this morning. I tried to identify the reason for its invasion; and I've come to think that my post from yesterday lingered in my mind.

My history left marks--scars--on my soul. If I allow myself to wander down its trail of humiliation and hurt, tears of shame quickly blur my vision. I pained so many, betrayed so many, and left damage upon so many.

But God.

That's all there is to truly say.

God has worked this thing in me that human reason cannot comprehend. He breathed life into broken, hardened places and captured my existence--an existence that without Him breeds continual ache.

There is no explanation, but God.

As the feeling of nausea crept in, and I processed some unwanted memories, His reality flooded my spirit--and my ears--through the song Thank You for Hearing Me by the David Crowder Band.

God hears. He loves. He redeems. He cleanses. He forgives. He renews. He wipes clean. He removes all shame. Regardless of where you are or where you have been, there is a God who desires that you come to Him--handing over your filthy rags so that He can replace them with garments of splendor.

Thank you, Lord. Your grace amazes me.

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