Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Culture blindsided my parents. I was a preacher's daughter. And yes, I fully lived up to the stereotype. But I honestly think that my parent's were blindsided by the growing rebellions of this world.

The Internet did not exist. Texting was foreign. Flat screens were of the imagination. Even cell phones came zipped in a huge leather bag and weighed a good five pounds. But media still seeped into our home and the culture at large affected my mindset.

I wanted to fit-in. I desired the latest jelly shoes and the "loudest" jams--do you remember those things? My heart longed to be filled and I searched for things in this physical world to fill it--always to no avail.

It makes me think, how will I be blindsided with my own kids? How will the changing times penetrate the safety of our four walls when I am not looking--when I don't even know where to look?

Ultimately, regardless of the cultural trends, I guess our role as parents remains: point our kids to the only One who can give their seeking hearts lasting joy and immeasurable love, regardless of the daily demands.

But to point them to the Ultimate Reality, we ourselves must trust fully in Him. We have to know where to lead them--know the path to their Creator. Thankfully He is never blindsided.

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