Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Preach it, Piper

I about held church at the gym today. I have taken up the habit of listening to John Piper's sermons while exercising and today I about "went on up." So, if you have 38 minutes to spare for some really good soul food--some truth to feast upon--then follow this link for the audio version of The Immeasurable Greatness of His Power Toward Us.

After listening to his message I followed it up with a fresh drink of bluegrass from the David Crowder Band with their rendition of "I saw the Light"--a different realm than my usual Lecrae. It was all I could do not to break out in dance right there among the weights. Well, I did bust a little move when no one was looking.

Be blessed.

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Amber said...

Right there with you girlfriend. DCB and I were singing out some praise when I ran yesterday. I just couldn't contain myself any longer, I was singing out loud and runnin' with my hands raised. Sometimes you just can't contain it :) ghotta splash that Jesus water all over the sidewalks and the gym :)

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