Friday, April 2, 2010

Symphony of Love

Offensively gruesome. Overtly radical. A plan that baffles the heart yet empowers the soul. A death that turned the pages of history and set its seal upon time. A freedom that crosses national lines and eradicates social agenda. A love that bled on a Roman cross with rusty nails.

Upon the answer to "why?" hinges the hope of the gospel. Why did Jesus have to die?

Our Creator planned with precision, down to the very hour in all eternity.

The Father instituted the sacrificial system--the shedding of innocent blood for the remission of sins--at the beginning. For hundreds of years His own people performed yearly sacrifices while prophesying of the final Lamb--the One who would bear the weight of all sin for all time.

Jesus is that One.

He was the God-man--ultimate Truth wrapped in fleshly skin. His blood--perfectly pure. His power--restrained for the salvation of many. His heart--beating a symphony of love.

Today is Good Friday and we remember Jesus with arms outstretched upon that tree--for you and for me.

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