Sunday, April 4, 2010


I imagine that the cool, morning air lightened their grieving hearts. The sun was rising for the third time since their Lord had taken His final breath. But on that day, the Son arose.

Death couldn't keep Him in the tomb. A stone couldn't keep Him locked away. A seal couldn't keep Him under government control. The Son arose.

Do we grasp the effects? He broke the power that sin has on mankind. He defeated death. His feet walked over it and stood on it, as the victor of a war. The Son arose.

By faith in Him, we enter into His resurrection. Sin only suffocates to the point that we allow. He gives us choice. He gives us spiritual weapons to fight the battles for our souls. The Son arose.

He promises life abundant--peace when storms brew, joy springing up from ashes, love beyond human comprehension. In Him we are raised from our slumber. The Son arose.

He desires we live a life of power, a life that affects, a life that experiences His ways. No circumstance can trump Him. No created thing can overpower Him. The Son arose.

Today is Easter and we rejoice. Because He lives, I am made alive.

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