Monday, April 26, 2010

when all else fails...laugh.

I returned home yesterday from my weekend of retreating. As I pulled into the driveway three little pairs of feet scampered to the car, along with my brave man somewhat wearied from my absence. Well, he didn't scamper, but he did greet me with a smile before my bags were out of the trunk. And he deserves "mad props" for doing such an amazing job while I was away!

Now, before my daily tasks steal away my weekend memories, I just have to share one thing that happened. Though I had set aside Thursday as a day of quiet before my Lord, on Friday ninety other women arrived at the beach for our church's annual women's retreat. This year's focus was "Something Better," based upon the story of Mary and Martha found in Luke 10:38-41.

My job on Friday night was fairly simple. The coordinator had asked me to write an introduction to the weekend as if I were Martha. So I did. But then I decided that the monologue would flow much better if I memorized this seven minute piece. For days I recited. I spent any free moment slipping into the mind of Martha and quoting the words that the Lord had laid upon my heart.

The time came for me to go on stage. The first two paragraphs seeped from my lips with natural ease. I was Martha. But then paragraph three approached the microphone, and I saw a friend in the audience. "Hi Shana," I thought subconsciously. It was as if a stray yellow fish went swimming against the tide through a school of pink; and my mind went blank. I followed the yellow fish and found myself in deep, black, unknown waters. And I had no idea what to say next. Nothing.

I paused as if contemplating the depths of God's character, inwardly praying for a word. Then I looked out into the audience hoping for...anything. But after a few brief moments I said with honest confession, "I have no idea what my next line is." My mind had gone completely blank and I busted with laughter. Then ninety sweet, gracious ladies joined me in the amusement.

Our worship leader came to my rescue as she pulled my monologue from her folder of notes. And God redeemed what my mommy-brain lost. After the final song and the closing prayer, woman after woman approached me with commendation. Apparently, the reality of "distraction" hit a cord.

In the end I learned two things. First, always bring my notes! I truly believe that my kids have strategically sucked my brain cells out of my brain. Memorization proves impossible at this stage of life. And second, laughter is a great response to mistakes. Everyone can relate. We all trip on the bricks and run into doors. Just laugh at yourself and move on.

Well, I missed you guys these past few days. I'll be talking to you.

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