Friday, May 21, 2010

audience of One

That post label means something to me. That phrase defines the desire of my heart.

I want to be led by my God rather than carried away by my ever-shifting emotions--unstable and girly. I want to rest in His character rather than live continually affected by all-encompassing fears. I long to walk through my moments following in His footsteps, even in the seeming mundane.

He has a plan, you know. A plan for victory and freedom from things that seek to entangle our peace. Things that deceive us into believing I am a victim to my circumstance.

Oh, I trip and skin my knees. I get distracted and find myself running behind another--one who doesn't hold the world in their hands. But He is so gracious to lift me back up and draw me back in.

I yearn to live my moments this day for an audience of One. No other life promises such relentless hope. Who do you live to please?


OK, OK. So I couldn't help but post some pictures of my kids with their own, unique driveway art.

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