Monday, May 24, 2010

ring the throneroom

The level of intensity mounted inside the Bling as we cruised down the road. My three little people had lots and lots of needs. Since my arms could not fulfill their requests, they grew loud. And my blood pressure started to rise.

Up ahead I noticed a closed bank so I pulled into the parking lot and grabbed a space. I found my phone in the crevice between the seats. I opened the door. And then broke into the whiny madness, "Mommy needs a minute."

With their eyes as wide as saucers and their minds racing with wonder as to what mommy was going to do, I began pacing the sidewalk. Then with my phone to my ear I started to talk, "OK, God, I am about to lose my mind and I need you to speak truth within me."

Yes. I called God. And He faithfully answered.

You may have heard the saying, "Run to the throne, and not the phone." I think I proved you can do both, "Run to the throne on the phone." In this technological age no one will even know you are crying out to your God. And He alone speaks with perfect comfort and wisdom.

I finished my call. Took a deep breath. And opened the door with a peaceful heart. He had changed my perspective. He had transformed my thought pattern. He had even reigned down a calm in my car. And I just looked like a girl, in a parking lot, venting to a friend.

"Run to the throne..." He promises deliverance.

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