Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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Are my walls crumbled or standing strong?

I spent some time in the book of Nehemiah this morning. And I want to be like this guy. He heard that Judah's walls sat in a heap. And the devastation moved him to intercede for his home country. He got before the Lord and then followed Him into bold action.

Taking a company of men from the king's arsenal, Nehemiah roused God's people into action. He stirred them from their slumber of unbelief and led them to rebuild the ruins. His passion fires me up.

But his efforts were not without opposition. The enemy plotted an attack. So after seeking the Lord's guidance, the people of Judah continued to build with their sword by their side.

So that is a brief run-down of the first four chapters of the book. And it spurred me to ask the Lord, "How does this ancient text apply to my own life today?"

First, in essence, the walls represent our faith. Each time we choose to believe God, we lay another brick. So, are my walls crumbled or standing strong? How about yours?

Second, there is an enemy and he is plotting against those who choose to build their wall of faith. We might as well maintain "war-time mentality." Just like those building that physical wall, we keep one hand at the work of faith while the other rests on our sword--the sword of His Word.

Finally, we as His children are in this together. Though there is a personal wall of faith, there also exists a corporate wall of faith. I envision myself as one who looks at those to my right and to my left, and encourages them to join in believing. Revival of God's church continues to beat in my heart. So let's encourage those beside us to take Him at His Word.

Nehemiah. True he lived centuries ago, but his God was the same yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore, "Do not be afraid...Remember the Lord, great and awesome." (Nehemiah 4:14a)

Where are your walls crumbled?
Where are they secure?
How can you choose to build?

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