Thursday, May 6, 2010

the liquidator

I chose to get drenched today. But just before I decided to grab my own "liquidator," the sound of whining continually pierced my ears as I swept the front porch. So I felt the nudge--the nudge to just get drenched.

With hopeful eyes my boys watched as I took the nearest water launcher and filled it full. After a couple of teasing drops to their feet, they gave the "OK" for all-out liquid war. And I became the target. For the next 30 minutes, three little, relentless people attacked me from every angle. And the whining transformed into laughter.

Pure joy.

But I don't choose it enough. Dinner needs preparing. Errands need running. And my hair needs to stay dry if it is going to keep cute. The demands of the day often tempt my heart to focus upon the many tasks begging for my attention, rather than the hearts desperate for my hands-on love.

I'm so glad I chose to get drenched. And so were my kids.

Father, keep nudging me when I need to "pick up the liquidator" and put down my agenda. I'm listening.

How have you caught your kids by surprise by stepping unexpectedly into their world-o-fun?

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