Sunday, May 9, 2010

it aint all fluff

I'm not doing a fluffy mother's day post. Mainly because the reality of motherhood lives not in the land of fluff.

Though motherhood contains blessings innumerable, and there is nothing for which I would trade it, the flip side also rears its ugly face. Truthfully, mothers suffer.

Moms-to-be wait with every passing month on the fulfillment of that soul-longing. Infertility, miscarriage, and still-birth linger like a dark stranger, unknown and unwanted yet making itself at home as if somehow invited.

Once "mommy" entitles our existence, we realize that our hearts lay completely bare. Bound by love indescribable, the possibilities of dreams-crushed remain a constant companion, resting on the tip of our tongue through insistent prayers of protection and provision. And life happens.

Babies are born with "odds" against them. Children lose their hair with chemo. Teens test every boundary, believing immortality. Young adults create their own path, seemingly unaffected by years of upbringing. And on every page, mothers suffer.

But regardless of the context, regardless of the story, there is only one firm place to stand: the character of our Almighty God.

He IS sovereign. Nothing catches Him off-guard. He is reigning over every allowance in the lives of His children. Everything contains purpose beyond our finite comprehension. Everything. If that were not so then He is not the God that He has revealed Himself to be.

He IS love. Nothing separates us from our Father's love. It motivates His movement. It caused the death of His Son. And because He loves unmeasurably, He desires our victory in this life.

When you marry these two facets together, we have a solid place upon which to land even when tears sting our eyes. It's a place to plant our feet when the throes of life steal our very breath.

So moms, and moms-to-one-day-be, rest in the character of our God. All other ground takes away our footing. All other ground is hopeless sand.

What mommy-situations have crossed your path, seemingly insurmountable? How has God proven Himself true as you pressed into Him? Let's remember His faithfulness.

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