Friday, June 25, 2010

enlightened by ketchup

My daughter enlightened me yesterday through her observation of ketchup packets.

Sometimes we as humans do things the way we do things because we have always done things that way. Not that it is necessarily the best way, the right way, or the most effective way, it's just our way. Anything else feels unfamiliar and inevitably...wrong.

We were at lunch enjoying some girl time and she said, "Mommy, why do they make these ketchup packets so small? I mean, everyone has to use two or three at a time." And I said, "That is profound. I don't know why. You should write a letter to someone."

Then I thought, ketchup packets have always been that size. At least as long as I can remember in my thirty-plus years. Maybe the ketchup manufacturers are in a rut. Maybe they cannot think outside the box because they have always done it that way. Anything else would feel...wrong.

When it comes to being led by the Spirit of God, it seems that fluidity is key. Us remaining open to change and variation in our agenda. Open to tweaking the production line. If we have our eyes too set on "the way it has always been" then we may miss the fresh wind of our Lord. And I don't want to be numb to His nudge.

His adventure wows the mundane and colors the lifeless. Enter His gates with praise. Enter into the song of heaven. He is on the move.

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