Wednesday, June 2, 2010

even through un-bliss

We celebrated our anniversary yesterday. Eight years of wedded bliss. OK, so it hasn't all been bliss. In fact, we have walked--crawled--through some near devastating valleys. Places the enemy intended for our marital destruction--literally. Places that most declared "unsurvivable."

But this God who calls me His daughter fought for our home. And He continues to teach me how to believe Him for promises yet fulfilled.

I think that is what makes this day so meaningful. It isn't the long, romantic gazes from across the room--the what?! It isn't the flowers or chocolate--though the bouquet from my man was gorgeous.

No, it isn't the things I see or the things that Hollywood names valuable.

It is the faithfulness of my God. It is love without strings or condition. It is exchanging the garment of despair for the cloak of joy. Not joy in circumstances changed, but joy found in the valley of faith. Joy found in this God who reigns on High and invades the heart of His child.

I don't know the condition of your marriage this day. But there is a God ready to meet you in the deepest of pits. He hears and answers the call of His own. He stands and He intervenes. Press into Him with all you've got. Then, believe Him faithful to His word. His grace is sufficient.

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