Thursday, June 10, 2010

silly bands. really?!

I need a moment. Just a moment to reminisce.

So I caved. I bought my kids some silly bands.

As we got into the car and they started the inevitable "trading," my mind flooded with memories of fads from my younger years. And I just have to take a minute.

I told my daughter that I used to trade stickers. That's right. Stickers. We had sticker books and were glad to have them--yes, glad, you young whipper-snappers reading in confusion and amazement! After school we eyed our favorite sticker from our friend's book-o-fun and bargained for the trade. The oil-filled kitty cat was my all-time favorite.

Then the memory of jelly bracelets led to the thought of jelly shoes--filled with Florida sand by the end of the day. Jelly shoes led to jams--brightly colored, wildly patterned shorts. Most people bought theirs but my mom made mine--an extra touch of uncool.

Jams led to parachute pants--zippers, zippers everywhere. Which reminded me of Outback Red shirts, "acid-washed" jeans, and big bangs.

But you cannot forget the strangest momentary addiction...garbage pail kids. Those things were disgusting. Why did we want them?

So what did I miss, fellow thirty-somethings? What do you remember as being a favorite fad of the eighties?

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