Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I like sappy posts, but...

I like the happy, sappy posts. I do. But my spirit has been so heavy lately. And I think the reasoning is multi-faceted.

The lack of awe and fear for the Maker weighs as a burden for our generation, and those behind us. The handling of God with casual-ity and familiarity. The moral crisis where the lines are so blurred between honorable and disdain. The speaking of the One who formed heaven and earth with His breath as though we know...anything.

Granted, the Daddy aspect of this eternally-dimensional Creator exists--thankfully!--but at the very same time He remains forever holy--beyond us and untouchable.

Have you noticed the gap? The gap between what God revealed in His Word and the scenarios ever-invading our view. Scenarios rampant with pagan sexuality. Or like me, do you ever-so-slowly find yourself growing accustomed and desensitized?

It has nothing to do with pointing fingers, but everything to do with freedom and abundance for mankind. Abundance through faith. Herein lies a crisis of the mind. In what are we marinating?

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