Monday, July 19, 2010

IKEA vs. the need to simplify

My sister's face says it all. (And yes, I took my camera to IKEA. Who doesn't?)

She and I ventured to IKEA the other day with three of our kids. No lie, our hearts raced with excitement as we stepped into this warehouse-o-things-I-didn't-even-know-I-needed-at-prices-so-low-you-wonder-why-others-charge-so-much. It was our second time and we came bearing a list.

After we grabbed our big yellow bag, we looked at the map and determined our route. With every aisle came something that could make our lives a little better from these "high quality, cheap Swedish goods." (my sister's description)

But not only is the stuff irresistible, the IKEA people keep kids in mind as well. Scattered throughout the store are "play areas" for kids to feed their learning, creative side. A must when you are spending hours pilfering through non-toys.

Halfway through our route-plan we stopped for some refueling at their cafeteria. That's right, they even serve food. I fed myself and two of my kids full meals for a total of $7.98. Crazy cheap.

Once our tummies were satisfied, we continued our hunt until reaching those final deals preceding the checkout. Then with $1 ice cream cones dripping from our kids' hands we loaded the car and headed back home.

A sensory-overload, fun day.

So, why the title, "IKEA vs. the need to simplify"? It describes the battle within me, even through the aisles of IKEA.

With every item that my hands examined, my mind questioned its necessity. Almost to the point of annoyance. I kept thinking, "Do I really need this or could this money be better spent on someone else?"

Don't get me wrong. I bought me some stuff. But I have recently wrestled with Jesus' example and teachings regarding the poor, the love of money, and true need.

I'm not sure what all of this means in the big scheme of things. I just know I am open to His leading...for His ultimate glory...even in IKEA.

How about you? Do you wrestle with our culture's definition of need vs. God's description? How does that play out in your own life?

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