Thursday, July 15, 2010

summer mission with my kids, part 3

Haitian orphans walking two by two.

These children live at the "Orphanage on the Rock" (OTR) in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. A beautiful, young woman named Kristi Wiggs has been given a gift of love towards them by her heavenly Father. Her heart now aches for their livelihood.

In 2008 Kristi went on her first trip to OTR. At that time the orphanage received funding from a Christian organization. In 2009, however, that funding was pulled.

Now, with four trips "under her belt," Kristi partners with others (including Christian worship artist Meredith Andrews) in prayer and fund-raising to help provide for the physical and spiritual needs of these precious little ones.

Since the earthquake, approximately 14 additional children have sought refuge at OTR, bringing their numbers to 46 kids, ages 2-17. This increase obviously multiplies the resources needed to meet their individual needs.

So why am I writing about Kristi and these Haitian orphans? Because of the summer mission with my kids. This is where our "water money" will be going.

If you would like more information on how you can support OTR, feel free to email Kristi at with the word "Haiti" in the subject line.

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