Thursday, July 29, 2010

why don't I...

I admit it. The temptation looks me square in the eyes and at times I succumb to its deception.

I see the snapshots. I read the highlighted moments. I watch a mother of six gracefully move through the grocery store with her smiling children walking behind not grabbing or whining or insisting. And something in me begins comparing myself to the window of time I have observed in another.

Everyone else appears to have it all together--their kids, their homes, their responses, their love...their toenails. While I know me so well--the dusty corners and the heart battles for control. And the questions of inferiority lure me towards the trap of discouragement.

But God.

I am called--equipped--to live the life He has for me. And so are you. He has plans for my todays. And it may or may not include a Norman Rockwell picture of perfection around a table of delight. Most likely not.

I pray you never see my "windows of time" and battle comparison of value or purpose. If anything I pray you are spurred towards your Maker--the Lover of your soul--who has created you with precision. The only place of security.

The milk will spill on the freshly mopped floor. The rabbit will urinate in the playroom--oh wait, that may just happen to me. But there is a God who designed you and He has plans for you, to prosper you in Him.

May we keep our eyes and mind stayed upon this One, by faith in the filling of His Spirit, rather than the many others that cross our paths. He is our audience. And you are precious.

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