Monday, August 16, 2010

whine awards

My children's whining literally gets into my brain and holds with it the ability to make me crazy. Can I get a witness? But here's the honest truth. Though mine does not come with a nasally, sing-songy voice, I can whine with the best of them. Especially to my God.

This convicts.

When things don't go like I think they should go. When the same frustration or irritation invades my day yet again. When it seems this thing should already be conquered. I can whine.

I spent some time in Acts 16 this morning. And two truths, seen in the life of Paul, hit afresh. May they linger and have their work within my own whiny heart.
  • The Spirit of God leads the child of God with precision and in detail.

  • His lead may include my imprisonment--both literal and/or figurative--but joy arises from the decision to praise.

Smooth travels do not necessarily characterize the road in which He directs our feet. He will guide the submitted, listening heart. The one who continually asks in faith for His filling. And if in following His lead the prison gates lock behind us, then in response to the true character of God, we can choose to praise.

Our Father has a plan, for His glory and our good. He sees from beginning to end and knows that which needs shedding from this stubborn heart. I want my often-off-pitch, singing voice to be heard even through prison walls. He is worthy. He can be fully trusted.

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