Wednesday, August 18, 2010

thinking on purpose

It begins with thoughts of meal preparation...
  • Dinner tonight.
  • Do I need to go to the store?
  • Not again.
  • I just went yesterday.
  • I think there is chicken in the freezer.
  • Chicken again.
  • Oh well.
  • Maybe my little food critics will eat if I add cheese or pasta or chocolate.

I open the freezer...

  • Oh it's ______ brand.
  • That documentary said that they treated their chickens so inhumanely.
  • Those coops.
  • Chickens who couldn't even walk.
  • Maybe I shouldn't buy their brand anymore.
  • It just costs so much to go organic with everything.
  • But I guess in the end it is worth it.
  • Health and all.
  • And maybe Adam will understand.
  • He works so hard for our money.
  • I hate to waste it.

Thought life deteriorates...

  • Since he works all the time. (exaggeration)
  • All the time. (exaggeration)
  • In fact, I don't think I have seen him this week. (exaggeration)
  • Well, except for about thirty minutes yesterday before his meeting. (exaggeration)
  • He must not love us. (lie)
  • He only loves his job. (lie)

Phone rings. It's Adam. I answer with a chip on my shoulder and the conversation goes downhill from there.


Our thoughts affect. They impress upon our attitudes and feelings. If we allow our minds to wander--uncontrolled and unregulated--then we will find ourselves believing lies. Mark it down.

The debate isn't whether or not the war exists. The question is whether or not we are engaged in the battle.

He empowers us to bring our thoughts into captivity to obedience.

(See 2 Corinthians 10:4-6)

Awareness is key. We must know our thoughts to take them captive. Begin by asking Him to reveal your thought life, but be prepared for a sobering assessment. I did this a couple of years ago and the revelation floored me. Negative, critical thoughts consumed my mind. Especially towards my man.

Once we know our thoughts, we can assess whether they live in the land of obedience. Or not. But to know if they obey, then we must know Truth. More specifically, know the Author of Truth. His heart. His ways. His love.

By His Word.

Only in the power of His Spirit, by faith in His filling, and with the sword of His Word gripped tight in our hands will our minds be taken captive. Captive to obedience.

If thoughts insist upon lies, the replace them with truth. If thoughts condemn, then replace them with blessing. If thoughts criticize, then replace them with intercession. Every single thought. Captive.

The thought pattern detailed above with the "hypothetical" deterioration turns out differently as I engage in the battle...

  • Since he works all the time.
  • (Pause. Assess. Replace.)
  • No, Lord, he doesn't work all the time.
  • Remind me of truth.
  • He recently took time off so we could go on vacation.
  • Maybe he does work quite a bit.
  • But he does it so I can stay home with our kids.
  • Father, You are his God. You guide him. You put within him Your plans for his days and for our family.
  • I trust You, Lord.
  • Teach me how to rightly love and respect him this day. In the moments.
  • Thank You that he works to provide for us.
  • Thank You, Lord.
  • I give You the praise.

The phone rings. It's Adam. I respond in love.

Thinking on purpose.

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