Thursday, September 2, 2010

chains of control

We as wives naturally believe our job description includes "fixing" our men. And yes, I group myself into that woman category. In fact, I could name myself the president.

The temptation comes without warning, and it goes back to that garden of old. To that first woman and the flesh-curse put upon her.

We as women will battle the desire to control our men.

I can feel it rise up. I can feel the temptation begin to simmer. Starting with my thought life. And if not intercepted, it inevitably makes it to my lips. And I cringe, again, at the state of my natural self.

I want my man to know something. I want him to know that I love him today. Today. Not with a bunch of strings attached. Not with a long list of changes that need to be made in order for him to be accepted. But today, loved, without criticism of weakness or preference.

This releasing of control is the place of freedom and victory. Only when we drop those chains we desperately try to wrap around our men, and allow God to be God, will we ever experience marriage as He designed. And His design is beauty.

Before my God I again declare my desperation for Him. In faith I ask Him to fill me with His Spirit this day that I may be a wife who truly loves and blesses this man of mine.

Loves and blesses.
Honoring my Lord.

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