Thursday, September 23, 2010

freckles were His idea

He knit you together, with purpose. We tell our kids and those we pour into, but you. He designed you before you stepped one foot into this temporal space we call earth. Upon your head He placed a call.

If He intended it, then consider it done.

Sin does not void His plan. Circumstance does not impede His will. He is God. And He said it was so.

On the larger scale He simply meant you for His glory--to reflect and honor your Maker. But what absolutely amazes is that our greatest good flows from loving Him. Our greatest good arises in finding life in the One who gave us freckles or brown eyes or dark skin. No other pursuit will fulfill those deep spaces of longing.

On the smaller scale--the individual headdress--He knows you perfectly and intimately. You. He created in vivid, infinite shades of color. He made you to love Him uniquely. In ways that fit your person. And walking those out brings life into focus.

We serve not a cookie-cutter God. He does not have a celestial mold from which we all come. He knit you together and wrote down your days. He meant you with purpose...

You finding life in Him.

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