Wednesday, September 22, 2010

irrational requests

The irrationality can get to me at times. Requests or demands that make no logical sense whatsoever. Young, immature minds insisting on something that does not fit in this ordered world.

"Mommy, please put this (4 foot long) sword into this (1 foot by 1 foot) lunch box." "Baby, it won't fit in there." "BAHHHH, WHYYYY?!"


"Mommy, I want a hot dog, please." "Baby, it is nine o'clock in the morning and we just ate breakfast and we are in the car. So, not right now." "BAHHHHH, WHYYYYY?!"

When the request is redirected or sadly denied, meltdowns erupt. Irrationality. And it can get to me...and my blood pressure.

I remind myself that they are children, instructing my heart rate to slow back down to normal range. And I usually do some look towards an invisible audience with my eyes wide, my brows raised, and my shoulders shrugged implying, "Do you hear this?"

But they are kids. And humbly, they are me.

I wonder before my Lord,

"How often do I insist upon something that makes perfect sense in my own interpretation of the world for this exact moment in time? Something that appears to be good or right or just and perfect for my now. Yet You see the beginning from the end. You know me perfectly and are always working for me and in me and through me."

Our Father does give promises to His children. But often the timing of their fruition rests only in His divine knowledge. He understands our ins and outs, our rising and sitting...completely. And if we are His, then He is always meaning something.

His ways are higher. His thoughts beyond me. I simply bow and believe Him faithful to bring about that which He has already declared.

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