Tuesday, September 14, 2010

illusion of blessing

On Tuesdays I hang out in the cyber world with Emily and some other amazing women over at "Chatting at the Sky." It's a day where she invites us to "unwrap" the small things often overlooked in this crazy, busy world.

But there are some who cannot see the small things because the big things are so suffocating and heavy. Those have my mind preoccupied today.

I feel so saturated. Full of stuff and coffee. A closet filled with clothes and shoes. An entire toy room, lacking nothing. A roof that covers and a car that drives. Me. Entertained and comfortable.

This American dream confounds me, tempting my soul into a dream-like state of illusion. Our family is far from our culture's standard of wealth. But to the world at large, we drip.

I have been following the recent trip of Amanda and Shaun to Guatemala on a Compassion trip, and once again I find myself back at that place of wanting more--or less. Wanting more than stuff. Wanting less of all these non-essentials.

Wanting our family to be used
to truly affect a world in desperate need.

Need for water. Need for food. Need for peace. Need for the love and freedom only found in one's Maker.

When the rich man asked Jesus what it would take for him to enter into the kingdom of God, Jesus responded, "Sell all you have and give it to the poor."

What if He really meant it?

Money is not evil. Wealth is not evil. It's the love of money--the clinging to money for peace and life--that carries us away. When we hold to it so tightly, unwilling to give it all for the sake of Christ.

I am thankful for that which we have been entrusted. But I also hold it loosely before my Lord, asking Him to take what He wills for the glory due His name.

So this Tuesday, what small thing am I celebrating? That still, small voice that prompts and moves our hearts towards that which remains His passion: freedom in His Son.


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