Wednesday, September 15, 2010

praise. regardless.

My kids get attached to certain Bible stories. Lately--for the past year!--the story of David and Goliath has had my middle son hooked. Now he's got my little guy addicted. Just before bed we read and ponder various truths of God, which prove especially interesting to my boys if swords or stones are involved.

And before you get some halo-like wrong impression, our Bible reading and debrief typically occurs with one or more of said children saying something super-spiritual like, "Stop touching me!" or "Move over!" or "It's my turn to pick!"

OK, with that cleared up I can move on.

Last night we branched out. We read of Paul and Silas singing praises even while sitting chained on a dirty, prison floor. So I explained, above the noise of three semi-distracted young ones, how choosing to praise God regardless of circumstance is the place of blessing and freedom and abundance. Yes, I say those words to them. And yes, their faces often glaze over...for now.

Oh, but what truth to think upon.

Praise. Regardless.

I know. I say it often. But it just fits with so many situations. "Regardless." Whatever you face, my friend, it does not shake the King off of His throne. It does not challenge His sovereignty. It does not confuse His plans.

Circumstances move like water down a mountain trail. A trail bumpy under one foot then smooth under the next. A trail worn down where many have traveled. A trail grown and weed-infested where few have braved the elements.

But God.

Regardless of the momentary fire, regardless of the seeming hopelessness, regardless of the trail beneath our toes, regardless of the imposed chains, the Giver of life gives joy to those walking in intimacy with Him. Joy to those praising the only One worthy of our mind's preoccupation.

Rise up dear one and praise the Lover of your soul. Regardless. True joy will creep into that dismal heart.

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