Monday, October 25, 2010

P31P-day 17, the mouth speaks

This one pierces, girls. This one sends me straight to the dirt, on my knees, desperate for His invasion. Especially when hormones rage or emotions flair.

The mouth. Life and death are in its power. It can so quickly spit out the bridle and speaks its mind. Mine can anyway. When left to itself it reacts, judges, demands, and boasts. It tears down, rather than builds. It insists, rather than serves.

But it is only a reflection.

"From the heart the mouth speaks." Wise words from the ancient Proverb. What simmers beneath, in the depths of our being, eventually comes out of our mouths. And it ain't always pretty.

Two years ago...

He revealed my own heart ponderings, specifically toward my man. We were in a very deep marital pit and blaming him was the easy thing. But God tenderly, faithfully opened my eyes to my own inner depravity.

I had always "prided myself" in keeping those nagging, critical thoughts undercover. I could paint on a smile while inwardly tearing him down. And I am convinced it played a key role in our eventual place of near-devastation.

If our mouths are to be guarded with the law of kindness,
then our hearts must first bow to that same ruling.

We cannot do this on our own. Our tongues too quickly spew poison and our hearts to easily swallow deception. But He can fill us with Himself--with His love--in order that kindness and wisdom direct our utterances. Only in the overflow.

He began by teaching me awareness--how to see my thoughts. He now continues to teach me what it means to bring them captive to obedience--each and every thought submitting to Truth.

When left to myself, I think things, believe things, and say things that grieve His Spirit. But when I submit and "be ye filled," this law of wisdom and kindness rules.

And others reap the reward.

Sister-friend, don't give in to condemnation. Yesterday is gone. The past is behind. Come up under His forgiveness and believe His promise of cleansing. Then press deeper into your Maker.

Know His Word. Trust His Word. Meditate on His promises. He loves His children with a relentless love. He offers freedom and abundance for you and for me where bondage and unrest have settled down. Victory.

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