Saturday, October 23, 2010

i'm learning

I am learning how to love. I mean, really love. The kind of love that sacrifices self and gives regardless. Love that doesn't demand supposed rights or insist that I be coddled. Love like He loves.

But I asked for it.

A few years back I began asking Him to teach me love. Real love. I realized that all of His truth rests upon, flows from, and lives here, in the place of love. And unless I get that--really get that--then I miss it all. Running in vain.

So He teaches me with patient, tender, fierce, holy hands. I often fall and fail. But He picks me up and sets my face back towards His. And slowly, from glory to glory, I am learning how to truly love.

And it is life...and freedom.

How about you?
What is He teaching you these days?

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