Monday, October 4, 2010

P31P, day 2, v. 11

His heart lays quietly bare in her hands--secure. She has proven herself trustworthy--worthy of trust. A place of refuge and unsuspecting surety for his mind, body, and soul. He sits and calms and breathes deep in her presence.

Safely trusting.

She gives him no reason to doubt her words. She speaks Truth and truth, in love and covered in grace. And in the end, he has no reason to seek solace elsewhere. Why? Because her and the Father walk in intimate communion.

He is the Father of Light. He is Truth and rest and comfort. As the daughter learns to walk in step with the Father, He slowly transforms her into a vessel of security for those living beside her.

Her feet are planted on solid ground. She insists that her emotions bow down. And she becomes a place of refuge for others. A place they too can trust.

Then. The one beside her will have "no lack of gain"--no need to plunder. He has no compulsion to steal fulfillment from the enemy's camp. At least not because she pushes him there.

She is trustworthy.

Worthy of trust. Because she has found life in the Trustworthy One.


Sister-friends remember. This is not a checklist of rights and wrongs. This is an overflow of walking filled by the Spirit of the living God. Give yourself some grace to move around. Seek Him first, He will transform us from glory to glory. No other life fulfills.


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