Tuesday, October 5, 2010

P31P, day 3, v. 12

guest writer: kim sorgius

She was taking a walk on a crisp Fall evening. Shuffling the tunes of Toby Mac as she attempted to work off that extra sliver of chocolate cake. Her mind was spinning with details of doctor's appointments, playdates, and loads of laundry that were left unfolded. That is when the unthinkable happened.

She could hear the screeching of tires in the distance. The car plunged forward toward her as she thought, "What an idiot."

But it didn't stop. It accelerated at a pace that made her heart leap from her chest. There was no time to react. The car crushed her very being. She lay on the pavement barely breathing. Broken. Bruised. Shattered.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the car and it's driver speeding away. And then she noticed. The driver was her husband. The very man that stood before God and vowed to love and cherish her forever. He didn't even look back.

Have you been there? OK maybe you weren’t laying in the middle of the road when it happened. Maybe he wasn’t driving a car. But have you been there? In your living room. On your couch. Staring at this man when he said those words.

I don’t love you.

You aren’t pretty enough.

I am addicted to pornography.

I am having an affair.

Take your pick. None seems worse than the other. Girls, we are living in a world where this is more of a reality than not. This pit of darkness tempts our men into its ladder-less depths. The only way out is on their knees before a Holy God.

What are we to do? Press into HIS word. It will never return void. And believe Him faithful. He has not forsaken His broken children.

This Proverbs woman reflects some advice:

She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:12

Do you see the part where it says to bring good to our husbands because they deserve it? Nope. It isn’t there.

Oh, how I feel your pain. I mean, you’ve been run over. You are lying broken in the middle of the road and he is driving off into the sunset!

But God is not calling us to judge. He is not calling us to punish or avenge. That is His job.

Our job? Bring him good. Love him. Unconditionally. Whole-heartedly. No matter what he does. All the while, on our knees praying for wisdom and healing.

It will absolutely never be the wrong thing to do. God will receive all of the glory! He will restore our brokenness and beauty will arise.


Powerful words, Kim. Thank you for your vulnerability.
Blessings in Him, sister-friend.

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