Friday, October 29, 2010

P31P-day 21, you are beauty

We cannot escape it. Everywhere we look, our world defines "beauty." It's this invisible yet well-stipulated box. And to walk with our shoulders high, we as women believe we must fit comfortably within its walls.

The box tempts us to look and linger and compare and climb in. Until we find that we have bound the chains to our wrists and are now a slave to its precepts.


The external vanishes in a blink. One year my hair shimmers in the sun with flecks of golden brown and auburn red dancing free. The next year I find myself battling grey, wiry new arrivals into submission. Blink.

As time passes, it gets more and more difficult to fit inside the beauty box sold by our world. But the loveliness of a woman that time cannot erase rises up from deep within.

True beauty blossoms in the one who reverences her Maker. She believes Him faithful. She trusts in His love that sings over her every moment. She settles down into His statutes and is not easily swayed.

She hears her name whispered by the King followed with, "My daughter, I love you." And she walks a little taller, a little bolder--like she carries a secret.


Outward beauty fades with each tick of the clock. But this beauty--the beauty of the lady who fears the Lord--grows ever more radiant, from glory to glory.

She shall be praised.

You shall be praised.


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