Monday, November 1, 2010

P31P-day 22, final take away

I kill plants. My thumb is far from green when it comes to gardening. But I have learned something over the years in spite of my deficiency.

We reap what we sow.

If I place tomato plants in the ground, then tomatoes will grow. Granted it may only be two tomatoes. But one thing is certain; it won't be a pumpkin.

We reap what we sow.

Our Proverbs lady experienced the "reap and sow" dialogue. She put her hands to the tasks of her individual calling and she reaped a reward. She kept her heart and mind stayed on the Giver of life. He faithfully guided. She diligently obeyed with her moments. And praise arose.

Friends, if there is anything I pray we take away from our time together over these past weeks, it's that we are individual, original masterpieces created by the Almighty Himself. He designed you and me with purpose and character and gifts.

He does not call us to look like the person we stand beside. He does not push us to imitate the Proverbs woman. He calls us forth to life in Him. In Him.

As we learn to live for an audience of One with our moments--allowing Him to invade and fill the deep crevices of our hearts--He will then spill out onto those in our world. His love. His vision. His name.

Life is found.

Our dailiness may look very different. We may never sew our own clothes--never. But living up to this lady's example is not the ultimate goal.

Intimacy with the King is the victory.

Give yourself (and others) some grace and space to move around. We are all in process towards transformation. Transformation into the image of His Son--Jesus. But may we keep our hands "busy" with His love. Pursuing our Pursuer.

Reaping the blessing of life abundant.


Now it's your turn. I know we have had some faithful readers this month. So take a minute to tell us your final thoughts--your number one takeaway--from this month-long look at the lady from the Pages.

If you have a blog, then you can use the link tool below to link your own "final thoughts" post. Open until Friday, November 5th. Otherwise feel free to use the comments section.

Thank you so much to the project guest writers! Clapping. You girls were amazing.

And thank you to all my readers. This has been a blessed month for me personally. Love you!!!

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