Friday, October 8, 2010

P31P, day 6, v. 15

Saturday mornings. Growing up, I would awake to the smell of bacon and my mama's homemade biscuits. She always saved me a sliver of dough. Because I liked it. The gravy was thick. The orange juice, extra sweet on those slow days when we lounged in pajamas until noon.

On other mornings I found her sipping her coffee in the quiet before the dailiness. Her Bible laid open on her lap for her savouring. Her mind meditating on the One who leads her.

Me? I must admit that I too am a morning girl. Something about the sound of nothing with my coffee steaming. A moment to process life and fears and Truth before they call me "mommy." Before the demands of life hit from every angle.

And sometimes I make muffins in those wee moments. OK, rarely.

But I have to keep tight reigns on my heart.

If an interruption from the little ones stirs up irritation or frustration in my spirit, then red flags wave. Wait. Why am I there?

Granted we all need quiet moments. Even Jesus desired to break away from the multitudes to be in the still presence of the Father. He communed and abode and interceded, before they all begged for a portion.

And our gracious Lord gives us time alone with Him...if we truly crave. If we are willing to lay down our agenda. But I want my motive to be pure and undefiled.

The Proverbs woman arises while it is yet night,
in selflessness.

Girls, we cannot do this out of our meager, fleshly strength. Selflessness cannot be conjured up. To be quite honest, my flesh tends toward "sick and tired."

But a woman that truly glorifies her Lord seeks first His filling. Then with spirit-filled, she hands out both physical and spiritual bread to those closest to her.

Don't forget sister-friends, this is not a checklist. You in your Proverbs 31 way may look very different than this lovely lady on the pages of antiquity. But it is the heart behind the work of the hands.

Selflessness flows from Him.

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