Monday, October 11, 2010

P31P-day 7, coupon deficiency

I have a coupon deficiency. In seasons past I would cut and sort and plan only to have things turn to mush once I entered the grocery store. It's like these demonic forces waited at the door and the moment I stepped one foot inside, chaos broke loose. OK, so maybe I exaggerate a touch.

Granted, juggling three young ones and fifty small paper cut-outs of savings, all while mentally weighing which brand of peanut butter to buy with the few brain cells I have left after a morning of mommyhood...exhausts me just describing it.

So I gave that up. I no longer coupon my grocery visits. Which I know makes some of you question my salvation.

But God has taught me to be "thoughtful" with the money He brings into our path. He has transformed me. After years of rebellious spending and mounds of credit card debt--from back in my single days--God has redeemed my view of cash flow. I now see Who owns it all. And I long to be faithful--coupons or not.

The word that hits me in this verse is "considers." A lady who fears the Lord considers that to which her money will go.

She is self-controlled and purposeful.

She weighs the options and talks to Him. She considers a field and buys it.

Maybe I am a coupon-college drop-out, but I do desire to be as this lady from the Pages, considering His view before I allow the dollars to leave my wallet. He has an opinion. And I want to honor the Owner.

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