Monday, November 29, 2010

the deep waters of love

This weekend I caught up on some blog reading. When I read the words of a certain sister-friend, they did something to me. Kat from "Inspired to Action" spoke of the relentless love of Father-God. And it infused hope and joy. She says...

"Because God has whispered in my heart that maybe you’ve forgotten you’re wonderful. Maybe you’ve forgotten you are undeniably and incomprehensibly loved.

Right where you are. In the cold, dark filth of your worst places. In all His dignity, purity and goodness, He wants to bellyflop right in, pick you up and gently hold you fiercely

Tell me that's not a beautiful depiction. The image of the Most High diving right in to all there is of me--all my junk, all my despair, all my failures, all my mess--and holding me fiercely. Lavishing His love.

Then I thought further. He does that for all His children. Even those that I might struggle to lavish. He whispers to them words of acceptance and adoration through Christ. He meets them exactly where they are and pours out His love. Perfectly. All while I might be pondering criticisms or frustrations.


How I desire to love like that. To meet others in the midst of their process and just love. Dare to love. Without strings or demands or expectations. Diving in deep, leaving any rights on the shore.

All for the glory due His name and the freedom of my soul.

Love through me, LORD.

Bringing it home...

How can we dare to love others exactly where they are in their journey while laying down our own rights or expectations?

In turn, how does it free our own souls?

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