Tuesday, November 16, 2010

letting go

It's constant.

Life. Lists. Messes. Unpredictability.

But He keeps prodding me towards something.

Towards letting go.

Letting go of expectation or agenda or control, and choosing to live fully engaged in the now. Even the messy now. Not wishing for tomorrow or pining for a better, but this moment. Embraced.

Even when the toilet paper lays in a wadded pile on my bathroom floor for three days... Or when the enthusiasm of my dreams wants to wane with each passing hour. Or the fog blinds my path so thick that I grasp for His hand and walk each shaky step by faith.

This moment. Embraced for what it is. A chance to reflect, praise, honor, and love. Him.

Bringing it home...

How is He challenging you to let go these days?


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