Thursday, November 18, 2010

just love him

I speak the words and before they fully mingle with the air, I know it's Him.

Speaking to me.

I urge my little ones to love. "Just love him," I say, "Just love her." As if loving someone so starkly different from you is easy. As if loving someone who tears up your things or hurts your tender heart comes naturally.

And I know it's Him speaking to me.

Prompting me to love.

In watching these little souls from the sidelines--these that I steer and train--everything makes sense. Yes, she can be emotional. Yes, he tends to act before he thinks. But, love.

Love this one placed next to you in life. Choose to love him regardless. Life is too short to waste it on demands or rights. Just lavish her moments with unwavering, undeserved love.

You will be blessed and freed.

Love is patient, kind, not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs, believes, endures, never fails. How? Why? Because true love finds its source in The Love.

Our Lord portrayed true love while being nailed to a cross for those reviling His name. He died to self. He laid down his rights to be gloried. And He placed all pleasure in the intimacy He enjoyed with the Father.

His identity, secure.

His purpose, steadfast.

Love then flowed out a crimson red.

Just love him. Just love her. Just love.

Bringing it home...

Are you being called to love someone who makes it difficult?

How can we practically love when emotions tempt us otherwise?

We will never more clearly reflect our Lord than when we truly love--truly love--those who are not so lovely.

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