Wednesday, November 24, 2010

prepping to be a blessing

Here it comes. A time of feasting upon all of our favorite comfort foods spread clear across the kitchen counter tops. YUM! Friends and family bring their famous rolls and pumpkin pies. And we gather around the table, all in the name of thanks.

But let's be honest. Often, these holidays bring with them stress and distraction and personality differences. Old wounds can arise. New conflicts can erupt. And we are tempted to sit there with a bad attitude and a mouth full of mashed potatoes.

So I want to prepare my heart to be purposeful. It is easy to float through the times we have with those closest to us without any real direction. It's just me and my scars living and reacting. And though that may come naturally, I want more. I want to be a blessing.

Each conversation holds with it the opportunity to encourage or build-up another. So as I prepare my uncle's favorite broccoli salad, I also want to prepare my heart to bless and to serve. To move in love, rather than demanding that my supposed rights be met.

A time of thanks.

A time to be a blessing.

Bringing it home...

How can we tangibly prepare our hearts and minds to be a blessing?

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