Friday, December 17, 2010

bound by His promises

It's so tempting. Something "unexpected" crosses my path and I'm tempted to question His reign. Or His love. Or His power. Or something.

When my eyes settle in on this physical world or the circumstances that enter my days, fear comes knocking. And without any real conscious effort, I'm there. I'm using what I see as the measure of Truth.

But He makes something very clear. The Lord God reigns above and beyond the day's happenings. He sits secure on His throne and remains faithful to shepherd His children. Always.

Our victory comes when we believe Him faithful.

The King of the earth is not at the mercy of those who declare laws from an earthly courtroom. The doctor's report does not bind our Lord with chains. He does not say "oops" or "I wasn't expecting that." The enemy can only go as far as He allows.

So stand firm, my friend, allowing His Truth to invade our moments.

There is One who ultimately reigns.

And He is only bound by His promises.

Bringing it home...

What circumstance tempts you to doubt God's sovereign rule today?

What causes you to question His immeasurable love and His mighty power?

There are some excruciating things in this world. Excruciating. But hope arises when we allow His Truth to invade our moments. Nothing can separate us from His love.

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