Thursday, December 16, 2010

quenching that parched land

Shutting Him out of the moments comes natural. The loud from our world drowns out the conversation. Things fly into our day without warning and we stand there holding hurt feelings or bad attitudes...or muddy shoes that just trailed onto the clean floor.

Then, conversation with Him fades.

by kfocus

Reacting to that fluctuating heart or that minute-hand quickly making its way around the clock comes easy. Reacting in fear or fluster or fatigue simply flows without effort.

But breathing Him in means purposeful living. The waves of Truth begin crashing again as we push His name out of our lips, even when something within us insists we keep quiet.


Maybe it's a whisper spoken in soft desperation or a shout insisting that He show up, but's conversation beginning yet again.

He created us to be in communion.

We need it to live. Like water to a parched earth.

And He looks His daughter in the eyes when she speaks, giving full attention to her precious heart. Then He meets us there. In that very moment. Quenching. Refreshing.

Bringing it home...

How can we practically bring Him into our moments today?

From the Thursday mundane to the life-altering monumental, keeping the conversation going.

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