Tuesday, December 7, 2010

purposeful chains

Paul was imprisoned. Chained. His physical freedom stolen because he preached Christ. Yet he donned eternal glasses and rested secure in his Father's faithful hands. And he rejoiced.

"I want you to know, brethren,
that the things which happened to me
have actually turned out
for the furtherance of the gospel."
Philippians 1:12

He saw purpose in his chains. His chains were not arbitrary. His chains were not accidental. He had not for a moment fallen off of the radar of God's love, provision, and care. The chains were part of the furtherance of the gospel.

And joy erupted.

If we are His--inscribed on the palm of His hand through the blood of Christ--then nothing can enter our lives without ultimately being for our good and for His glory. Nothing. Even rusty, cold, lonely chains.

There are tough things in this fallen world, where evil taps on the doors of our homes, steals childhood innocence, imprisons the righteous, and breaks hearts with dreams crushed.

Standing firm on the revealed and proven character of our God gives us the foundation where hope can be awakened even chains hold tight to our wrists.

What has happened to me
has actually turned out
for the furtherance of His name...

Bringing it home...

Are you in the midst of circumstance that feels like you are chained?

How can the Truth of God's sovereign hands cause a glimmer of hope and joy to spark regardless?

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